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Formed by filmmakers Luciano Piazza and Heather Trawick in 2016, Oblique Projections focuses on artist and conceptually driven projects spanning short for experimental works to feature length observational documentaries. This collaboration started with a mutual fascination with the ways in which landscape and culture interact with individual and collective experience. They started working together on their most recent personal projects, Center of the Cyclone (2015) and Las Vegas in 16 Parts (2015), sharing methodologies and enhancing each other´s capacities at every step of the production process. They have vast experience in shooting films in international locations.

The encounter of both directors/producers gazes destabilizes and unsettles preconceived visual and cultural fields. Both the cultural backgrounds and migrating experiences of the filmmakers relate to national borders with an unusual fluidity: Heather Trawick, a Canadian transplant in Southern California, and Luciano Piazza, an Argentinean transplant in New York City and later Southern California, whose family has participated in the vast Argentine-Caribbean diaspora. Their lived experiences of multinational affiliation are very relevant to the fluid borderlands of Southern California within which they find themselves collaborating and making films, or Cuba where their next project resides.

Acting as directors/producers they oversee all stages of production through post-production, at the same time they are able to find the key partners for each technical aspect of the completion of the project. Oblique Projections approaches filmmaking as challenging conceptual boundaries working with professionals that push the form in each aspect of film production process.