Heather Trawick C.V.


2015                           MFA in Film/Video, California Institute of the Arts,

                                  Valencia, CA

2004                         BFA, with Distinction (Film Production) Concordia University,

                                  Montreal,  Canada



2016                            Special Jury Mention, Oberhausen International Film Festival

2014                            Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences Artist Production Fellowship

                                      Fotokem Production Grant

2012                            British Columbia Film Commission Daryl Duke & William Vince Scholarship

2005                            Canada Council for the Arts Media Arts Research and Production Grant

2004                            Concordia Student Film Festival - Audience Favorite Award



2016                        The National Gallery, Washington, DC in conjunction with; Los Angeles to                                             New York: Dwan Gallery, 1959–1971

                                  Curtocircuíto International Film Festival, Spain

                                  San Diego Underground Film Festival

                                  Arsenal, Berlin, GER

                                  Cellular Cinema, Minneapolis, MN

                                  Haverhill Film Festival, Haverhill, MA

                                    Gravitational Deflection of Light, Unseen Cinema, Durham, NC

                                  Lima Independente – Festival Internacional de cine – Lima, Peru

                                  Oberhausen International Film Festival, Oberhausen, GER

                                  Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick Scotland

                                  Crossroads Film Festival – San Francisco Cinemateque

                                  Onion City Film Festival – Chicago IL

2015                        New York Film Festival – Projections – New York, NY

                                  Frenkel Defects III – Denver, Co

                                  Frenkel Defects III – Albuquerque, NM

                                  Echo Park Film Center – Los Angeles, CA

                                  Black Hole Cinema – Oakland, CA

                                  Sight Unseen – Baltimore, MD

                                  Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

2014                        Images Festival – Toronto, Canada

                                  Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI) Buenos                                       Aires, Argentina

2013                         Echo Park Film Center New Works Salon - Los Angeles, CA    

                                  TIE: The International Experimental Conference, Colorado Springs, CO

2009                         The Avant Garde Remake Toronto, LIFT – Toronto, Canada

2006                        Chicago Underground Film Festival - Chicago, IL

                                  All Tomorrows Parties Television - London, UK

                                  Twisted Robot - Berlin, Germany,

                                  Schikaneder - Vienna, Austria,

                                  Barden’s Boudoir - London, England

                                  New York Underground Film Festival - New York, NY

                                  Chicago Underground Film Festival – Chicago, IL

                                  Monkeytown – New York, NY

                                  Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival, San Francisco, CA

2005                         Videokill 3 – Vancouver, Canada

                                  Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, New York, NY

2004                          ACID; Nouveau Drug Art, Vancouver, Canada

                                  VideoKill, Video In, Vancouver, Canada


2015                          The National Registered Landmarks of Los Angeles

                                    County/SALTFLATFAMILY – B&W Gallery, Valencia, CA

2005                          Live film projections for Black Mountains North American Tour

                                    Black Mountain CD Release Show – Vancouver, Canada

2003                          July 4th, 2003 (New York) Venice Beach & Vincente Minelli’s Star (Los Angeles),                                          VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada


2005                          Druganaut music Video issue 11 of Specialten DVD magazine

2004                          Druganaut included as part of an enhanced CD for Black Mountain,                                                         Jagjaguawar Records



2016                          Made in LA 2016: a, the, though, only – Artist Announcement – The Hammer                                         Museum, Los Angeles, CA  

                                    Gala Porras-Kim – The Hammer Muesum, Los Angeles, CA

2015                          Njideka Akunyili Crosby – The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA  

2008                         Highway – Lightning Dust – Jagjaguwar Records – Director, Editor,                                                            Cinematographer

2006                         Swallow by The Wailin’ Jennys – True North Records - Director of                                                              Photography

2005                         Druganaut – Black Mountain – Jagjaguwar Records – Director, Editor,                                                      Cinematographer


2016                          Film Consultant, Technical Consultant, Jacob Kassay, (Artist)

                                    Documentation/Editing, Dyson & Womack, Los Angeles Public Art Biennale

2015 - 2016             Videography – The Hammer Museum

2015                          Film Specialist (Film Looper fabrication, consultant, installation and                                                       maintenance) João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva One month without                                                     filming – REDCAT Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                                    Film Specialist (Film Looper fabrication, consultant, installation and                                                       maintenance) Johanna Breiding, Epitaph for Family – Human Resources, Los                                     Angeles, CA

2014                          Film Specialist (Film Looper fabrication, Consultant, Installation and                                                    maintenance) Paul Sietsema: Film and Works – Denver MOCA, Denver CO

2011                          Director of Photography - Irregular Time Signatures, Julia Feyrer (Artist)

                                    Optical Printer/Film Loop Installer - Robert Kleyn Retrospective, Catriona                                               Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

                                    Optical Printer/Film Loop Installer - Alex Morrison Solo Exhibition, Catriona                                           Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver Canada

2006                          2nd Assistant Director (2nd Unit) - Battlestar Galatica, NBC/Sci-Fi Channel 

2005                          Line Producer - Harvey Spannos – Bluebush Productions/Fuel TV


2016                            Beyond the Myth: Contemporary Films from Los Angeles, Vancouver, Canada

2004 - 2005              VideoKill 2 & 3 VIVO - Vancouver, Canada

2004                           ACID; Nouveau Drug Art, VIVO - Vancouver, Canada


2015                          Centre of the Cyclone (16mm, 18min)

                                    SALTFLATFAMILY (Video, Looped Projection)

2014                          Jenny & John (16mm, 3min)

                                    10 Watercolors Were Made From That Star (Video, 6min)

2013                          The Surface of Perfection (16mm, 5min)

                                     The National Historic Landmarks of Los Angeles County (16mm - 2 Projector                                          Looped Installation)

2012                         Spirit Animal (16mm, 2min)

2008                         Highway ­(16mm/Digital – Music Video, 4min)    

2005                         Druganaut (16mm/Digital – Music Video 5min)

2004                         She Did Things The Hard Way (35mm/Digital, 4min) 



                                  California Institute of the Arts (16mm film prints of Centre of the

                                    Cyclone and The Surface of Perfection)

                                  Oberhausen International Film Festival (Centre of the Cyclone)